Crisis management in the 21st Century

The article discusses the concept of complexity in decision-making processes, emphasizing the challenges faced by politicians, mana- gers, and entrepreneurs in today’s interconnected and interdependent context. The complexity is characterized by the large number of variables at play, the speed at which their values change, and their interconnectedness, making prediction difficult. The article also addresses …

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Artificial intelligence and ‘free thinking’

It has been learnt that one of the many faces of truth, in its constant interpretive metamorphosis, can lead to intolerance if it is unwilling to be challenged. The pursuit of knowledge requires an openness to different perspectives and a willingness to question established beliefs. However, even faith, which is fundamentally based on concepts of …

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The Future’s Urban Spaces: Sun Tsu and the Analysis of the Terrain

by Lt. Col. Alessandro Rappazzo (original published in German), a career officer in the Swiss army, Group Chief Leadership Course II / Staff Course I and author of “Mein Weg: Vorwärts” (only in German). This article is part of his book (Text by Potential battlegrounds are changing, partly as a result of geopolitical factors …

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